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Brazil national football team

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Nickname A Seleção (The Selection)
Association Brazilian Football Confederation
Coach Carlos Alberto Parreira2003-
Most caps Cafu (141)
Top scorer Pelé (77)
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Home colours

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Away colours

First international
 Argentina 5 - 0 Brazil
(Buenos AiresArgentinaAugust 201914)
Largest win
Brazil 10 - 1 Bolivia
(São PauloBrazil10 April 1949)
Worst defeat
 Uruguay 6 - 0 Brazil
(Viña del MarChile18 September 1920)
World Cup
Appearances 18 (First in 1930)
Best result Winners, 195819621970,
Copa América
Appearances 31 (First in 1916)
Best result Winners, 191919221949,

The Brazilian national football team is the national football team of Brazil. As of this writing, it is the most successful national football team in the world, with five FIFA World Cup victories, including the most recent tournament in 2002. A common quip about football is: "The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it."

Brazilians refer to the national football team as the "Seleção," which literally means "selection" and can be translated "the selected".


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