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Sport DictionaryChess Terms
A game that ends in a tie, where each player is awarded half a point. A draw occurs when 1) there's not enough material to force mate; 2) there is a stalemate; 3) a 3-time repetition of position has been reached, or 4) there is mutual agreement (see "Draw offer").
Sport DictionaryChess Terminology
A common result in chess when neither side wins or loses. A draw may result when neither side has sufficient material to force a win, or agreement of both players, or etc.
Sport DictionarySoccer Dictionary
A game that ends with a tied score.

Sport DictionaryTennis Glossary
This tells players who plays who and how the tournament will play out. The seeds are placed in the draw first and then the rest of the names are picked at random out of a hat.
Sport DictionaryWorldgolf
The pairing of golfers for a match play tournament


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