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Literally "the way of gentleness". Modern Japanese martial art and Olympic sport that involves throwing, choking and pinning ones opponent. Judo was founded by Kano Jigoro from older styles of Jujitsu 
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A Japanese soft martial art, literally 'the way of flexibility'. Essentially a grappling and throwing art, judo was created towards the end of the nineteenth century by Kano Jigori. It is also an Olympic sport.
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Although a fully-featured martial art, judo has also developed as a sport. Judo became an Olympic sport for men in 1964 and, with the persistence of a woman by the name of Rusty Kanokogi, a sport for women as well in 1992. Judo literally means "the gentle way" or "the way of giving way". Despite the literal meaning of the name judo, competition judo is one the roughest and most demanding sports. A World Championship or Olympic match lasts only 5 minutes (and 4 Minutes for women), but will leave participants exhausted.

At the Olympic Games competitions are held in the following :

. + 100kg (heavyweight) Men

. + 78kg (heavyweight) Women

. - 48kg (extra-lightweight) Women

. - 60kg (extra-lightweight) Men

. 48 - 52kg (half-lightweight) Women

. 52 - 57kg (lightweight) Women

. 57 - 63kg (half-middleweight) Women

. 60 - 66kg (half-lightweight) Men

. 63 - 70kg (middleweight) Women

. 66 - 73kg (lightweight) Men

. 70 - 78kg (half-heavyweight) Women

. 73 - 81kg (half-middleweight) Men

. 81 - 90kg (middleweight) Men

. 90 - 100kg (half-heavyweight) Men

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