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Sport DictionaryWorld Cup 2006 Teams and Players
  1. During the World Cup, many of the stadiums will be officially known by different names, as FIFA prohibits sponsorship of stadiums unless the stadium sponsors are also official FIFA sponsors. For example, Allianz Arena will be known during the competition as "FIFA World Cup Stadium, Munich" (or in German: "FIFA WM-Stadion München"). On the Allianz Arena in Munich even the letters of the company Allianz have to be removed or covered. These new names are reflected in the table. Some of the stadiums also have a lower capacity for the World Cup, as FIFA regulations ban standing room. Of the twelve hosting stadiums, only Zentralstadion in Leipzig is on the area of the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany).
  2. Please note that the links to location maps are linked to an external site.
  3. Seated capacity. Some stadiums have greater capacity for German league games due to standing room.
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