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The modern saber is descended from the classical northern Italian dueling saber, a far lighter weapon than the cavalry saber. The method and practice of saber fencing is somewhat different from the other weapons, in that they are edged weapons. In modern electric scoring, a touch with the saber, point, flat or edge, to any part of the opponent's valid target (head, torso, or arm) will register a hit. Classical fencing, naturally, has more stringent requirements.

The target area originates from dueling saber training. To attack the opponent's leg would allow him to "slip" that leg back and attack one's exposed arm or head given that the higher line attack will outreach the low line (there is a classic example of the leg slip in Angelo's Hungarian and Highland Broadsword of 1790). The target area is from the waist up excluding the hands. Similar right of way rules exist for sabre as they do for foil.

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