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Sport DictionaryMaritime Terms
To wind something about a rope to prevent it from chafing, or fretting. The service is the thing so wound about the rope.
Sport DictionaryTennis Glossary
The start of every point. Similar to throwing a football spiral with a nice arch. Traditionally, the ball is tossed above your head and swinging up, out and through like a high five to clear the net and land in the appropriate service box.
Sport DictionaryTennis Terms
Every point begins with a serve. From a position behind the baseline, the server has to hit the ball diagonally over the net into the opponent's service court. Players get two attempts to serve the ball correctly in each point. In the first point of any game or set, the serve is played from the right-hand side of the court. After this the server alternates side (from right to left and vice-versa) at the start of every new point.


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