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Sport DictionaryNautical Know How
Direction toward which the current is flowing.
Sport DictionaryMaritime Terms
Direction toward which the current is flowing.
Sport DictionaryTennis Glossary
Points make up games, games make up sets, sets make up matches. When a player wins four points by a margin of two, they've won a game. When a player wins six games (with the exception of at 5-all and 6-all) they've won a set. Most matches are best of three tiebreak sets. Someone must win two out of three sets to win the match and a tiebreaker will always be played at 6-all. In many professional tournaments, men will play best of five tiebreak sets. Only at Wimbledon, if the match goes to it's ultimate set, will players continue to play games until someone wins by two.
Sport DictionaryTennis Terms
A set comprises at least six games. Matches are generally played over three or five sets.
Sport DictionaryWorldgolf
A full set of golf clubs.
See also: U W , VEN , C & D , NAFTA , NATIONAL FLAG


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