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Zúñiga, Ysrael

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Birthdate: August 27, 1976
Birthplace: Lima, Perú
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Position: Forward
International: 11 caps, 2 goals
World Cups: 0
Previous Clubs: Sporting Cristal, Sport Agustino, Bolognesi de Tacna, FBC Melgar de Arequipa
Transfer Fee: $2.00 Millions of Dollars
The little but strong striker was the 1999 South American Golden Boot. He started playing professional soccer in 1998, he scored a lot of goals for his club that season and next year he was on the national team. He has a great ability scoring within the 18 yard box. His first game for Peru he made his first international goal against Bolivia in Copa America 99 when he entered as a sub late in the game. Comments by his coach at Coventry City "He's got nerves, he misses chances but he comes back and takes another chance". Also he is not intimidated by any rival no matter which team or rival he is playing against. Nicknamed "Cachete" (cheek).
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